Benefits of Amex Everyday Preferred Card vs Amex Everyday Credit Card

Credit cards are not only sources of money. Today, bank card offers are composed of the whole package of additional services. These services determine card attractiveness as a product to the potential clients.

American Express is one of the companies that developed the most innovative financial services. The bank cards by American Express are known all over the world. Amex Everyday credit card and Amex Everyday Preferred are fine products for a regular citizen. Such cards offer unique benefits. The cost of each one is different. Advantages of having a one are different too.

American Everyday and American Preferred: Which To Choose

When you choose a right type of plastic, you have to make a research. It is important to compare

  • interest rates;
  • monthly payments;
  • bonuses;
  • other available features.

These are crucial characteristics to determine what kind of plastic you need for your particular purposes and financial capabilities.

The very first parameter the clients look at is annual fee. For Amex Everyday American Express offers unique zero cost interest rate. For the Amex Preferred the annual fee is $95. At first sight, Amex Preferred seems to be more beneficial, however, everything is not that superficially simple.

What Are True Benefits of Amex Cards

Amex cards were developed to propose the most of possible benefits to a client who spends. The client gets return for each purchase. It is measured in points which are later converted into cash. These types of products encourage people to buy more.

Here is the structure of bonuses offered by American Express:

  • Amex Preferred offers higher bonuses to client. It offers 3* points in US supermarkets, when Amex Everyday gives you only 2*.
  • For opening the plastics the client gets a welcome bonus. For a Preferred card it is higher and equals up to 15 000 points. For Amex Everyday sign up the client gets only 10 000 points.
  • Both cards offer purchase protection function, as well as extended warranty and travel accident insurance.
  • Transaction bonuses differ. For Amex Preferred they are usually up to 50% points for making 30 and more purchases. For Amex Everyday, you get only 20% for 20 purchases and more.
  • Points collected for using both plastics are easy to transfer. You can easily pay with points.

Both cards are very advantageous. What is more important, American Express is quite a tolerant company. It is relatively easy to open both credit lines there. You can do it even if your credit score is not that high. The money limit will of course correlate to your income, however, it will take you only moderate time to get a new credit line.

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Amex Everyday credit card overview

Banks today work on competitive financial market. That means they have to develop a fine product in order to stay competitive. Bank plastic is one of the most popular financial products. They are convenient to use and to keep, multifunctional, and most of them are easy to manage for different financial operations.

Banks make everything possible to create a high value for every plastic. That is why they issue various types. Each type of plastic had its own:

  • yearly payment;
  • welcome bonuses;
  • loyalty programs.

On top of that, financial institutions continuously facilitate clients’ access to credit cards. That opens new opportunities for clients.

Amex Everyday is a perfect plastic for people who would like to get return on their spending. It is one of the most popular plastics in the US, issued by American Express.  American Express functions on the US financial market since 1850. It is certainly one of the most influential companies in the US. The company innovated the market with many outstanding financial products.

Benefits Amex Everyday Brings You

American Express is one of the companies that learns the needs of clients regularly. It knows bonuses are particularly attractive to clients, so crafts its cards accordingly.

Amex Everyday credit card is one of the most successful products. It is perfect for households that pay with plastic regularly. The plastic offers regular bonuses on purchase of goods and services. Here are the benefits of Amex Everyday:

  • It is relatively easy to open. You do not have to possess an excellent credit history. You can easily get Amex Everyday plastic.
  • It is quite quick to make your credit bigger. You can ask for your credit line extension. The only thing you have to confirm is that you have additional income that can cover the borrowed money.
  • It has no annual fee. That is one of the biggest advantages. You use the plastic free of charge.
  • You get return on your purchases. The company has partnership with many enterprises. When you pay with Amex at supermarkets and shops, you get refunded around 2% at the end of the year. That makes the plastic particularly attractive for households. There are not that many banks offering such a good return from purchases.

What The Card Can Be Used For

The card was designed for the comfort of regular household. It is a very client-oriented product. It can be used by the housewives and businessmen equally. But the best option is to use such a plastic for the personal needs. There are better card offers if you decide to use plastic for business purposes.

Mastery of American Express is in the unique features of its financial products. Whatever card you choose, it excellently match each particular target. Before issuing a new product, the company learns in details about the necessities of their potential clients. According to the company, it concludes beneficial partnerships with various enterprises. Businesses learnt that the right way to succeed is to design fine solutions together.

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